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Interventional Pulmonology

Pulmonologist Serving Gainesville and the Surrounding Areas

The average person breathes in the equivalent of 13 pints of air every minute. At Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine of North Florida Regional Medical Center, we believe that every breath counts. We understand how stressful it can be to experience issues like coughing, lack of sleep, and shortness of breath that result in the interruption of your daily activities. Our experienced pulmonology team offers a comprehensive range of services to patients in Gainesville and the surrounding areas. They are dedicated to providing quality pulmonology care for a variety of breathing disorders in a caring and friendly environment.

Dr. Abid Khokar, our Interventional Pulmonologist, is highly skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of complex pulmonary (lung) conditions and diseases such as screening, diagnosis, ablative techniques, and stenting for lung cancer, management of asthma, chronic cough, COPD, emphysema, malignant pleural effusions, pneumonia. In addition, Dr. Khokar specializes in the management of post lung transplant complications.

At Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine of North Florida Regional Medical Center, our experienced Interventional Pulmonologist, Dr. Khokar, diagnoses and treats complex breathing disorders and lung conditions. Our services include:

  • Lung Cancer
    • Screening, diagnosis, ablative techniques, and stenting
  • Pneumonia Management
  • COPD or Emphysema Management
  • Asthma Management
  • Management of Malignant Pleural Effusions
  • Management of Post Lung Transplant Complications

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